Socket-less Socket Transtibial – by MartinBionics

Transtibial Re-defined.
The ultra-comfortable Socket-less Socket™ is now for Transtibial users. Transtibial sockets no longer have to remain static in shape or trap heat. The Socket-less Socket’s™ conformable materials and open frame design allows the limb to flex and breath.

As comfortable as your favorite pair of tennis shoes.
Shoes have laces. Shirts have buttons. Belts have buckles. Our clothes are adjustable – Shouldn’t your socket be adjustable too? Our adjustable sockets provide you full control over how your socket fits, every time you put it on.

Dynamic conformity.
The human body is a mechanical marvel. Whether standing, sitting, walking, or running, our limbs dynamically change shape and contouring. We believe the socket should conform to your every move. Our patent pending floating posterior brim lets the socket conform to match your body.

As individual as you.
The Socket-less Socket™ configuration can be custom fit to each user according to their specific and varied needs – including type of suspension, contouring and fit.

Hot sweaty suspension sleeves are a thing of the past. Transtibial sockets no longer require bulky suspension sleeves bunching behind the knee and up the thigh. The ingenious SharkSkin Suspension™ offers the security of a suspension sleeve, but without the sleeve.

The Flower just got more beautiful.
The Flower Distal Cup with integrated pin attachment provides a modular pin or lanyard suspension option that nearly eliminates the milking effect found in traditional pin systems.

Keep cool.
The new AirHammock™ configuration within the Socket-less Socket™ actively conforms to the dynamic motion of the human body, yet provides the familiar containment and control of a traditional static inner socket. Its open structure dissipates heat, maintaining a cooler socket.

Interview with a Socket-less Socket user.
Hear why users love their socket – see video.

Kim Thompson is a Certified Practitioner and Clinic for MartinBionics Socket Technology

Phone: 845.692.5227

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Interview with a User
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